Jeff Satur Shifts from Ballad to Banger with Newest Single “Dum Dum”

Jeff Satur, Thai vocalist, songwriter, and entertainer, released his new song “Dum Dum”. The energetic tune “Dum Dum” has a bounce without lyrics and may attract people to dance and sing.

This is Jeff’s first song that is not about heartbreak or love. Basically, the song is about standing up for oneself and taking metaphorical retaliation against bullies. Jeff Satur played every instrument (except the bass) and produced the song himself. Jeff begins the song with a riff on a Phin-Thai mandolin.

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Jeff Satur plays 3 characters in the official music video. Bully victims come first, followed by angels and devils who intervene and give support, and then bully victims who change into ‘god-like’ beings gifted with superhuman abilities. Jeff spent a lot of time editing the video with the crew to reach the best outcome, working closely with the director, Ladiegoodman.

“Dum Dum,” published 3 weeks after “Steal the Show,” an English song on which Jeff Satur collaborated with Korean DJ, producer, and singer, SHAUN of “Way Back Home” fame, has garnered over 3.5 million views and continues to grow. The song received overwhelmingly positive reviews, especially from his global fans. “Dum Dum” is Jeff’s sixth single with Wayfer Records, a part of Warner Music Thailand. “Dum Dum” is his third English rendition, due to increased demand from Jeff’s fans all over the world.

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