LØLØ Rings in the New Year with “2 of us” – A Pop-Punk Anthem of Empowerment

Bingkai Karya – Canadian pop-punk sensation LØLØ is kicking off the new year with a bang, releasing her latest track, “2 of us.” The powerful anthem is fueled by LØLØ’s personal experiences, capturing the struggles of breaking free from a toxic relationship. With thrashing percussion, buzzing electric guitars, and LØLØ’s signature resonant alto, “2 of us” is a tenacious and poppy track that showcases the artist’s unflinching lyricism.

LØLØ doesn’t hold back in her scathing lyricism, addressing the toxicity of her past relationship with clever and relentless honesty. The track takes a jab at her ex, humorously noting, “You still wear skinny jeans / and that should have been my first sign / that you can’t let go of the past.” The song builds to a frenetic conclusion, with LØLØ acknowledging her own role in the drama and embracing accountability with the line, “I must be stupid, I must be dumb / guess that makes 2 of us.”

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “2 of us,” LØLØ shares that she wrote the song during a time when she felt trapped in a relationship that was not serving her well. She admits to realizing her own shortcomings, stating, “I thought they were being so thoughtless and stupid, but then I realized I was being just as stupid for even giving them the time of day.” LØLØ brings a mix of vulnerability and sass to the track, making it relatable for listeners who have experienced similar struggles.

“2 of us” follows LØLØ’s tender holiday season track “snow in berlin,” showcasing the artist’s versatility in navigating various emotions through her music. The Canadian powerhouse recently concluded tour dates in the UK and Europe supporting Against The Current. In November, she wrapped up a 31-date North American tour with a star-studded lineup, including Boys Like Girls, State Champs, 3OH!3, The Summer Set, and Four Years Strong.

LØLØ’s “2 of us” is not just a pop-punk anthem; it’s a declaration of empowerment and self-realization. With its catchy hooks, dynamic vocals, and witty lyricism, the track solidifies LØLØ’s position as a rising force in the pop-punk scene. As she continues to captivate audiences with her infectious energy and authentic storytelling, LØLØ is undoubtedly an artist to watch in the coming year.


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