Lomba Sihir Opens a New Chapter with the Bitter Sweetness of “Ribuan Memori” 

Lomba Sihir is now closing their opening act,with their debut album “Selamat Datang Di Ujung Dunia” in March 2021, entering a new era of music in 2023. Lomba Sihir also made the exuberant rhapsody “Ribuan Memori” their prologue song.  It also serves as a bridge that leads listeners to the tour entitled “Parade Sihir”.

“Ribuan Memori” got rid of Lomba Sihir’s previous image of sarcastic alternative pop distortion and ushered them into a more playful and simplistic musical territory. Written by Lomba Sihir and produced by Enrico Octaviano and Rayhan Noor, it is a carefree rhapsody that lasts 4 minutes and 14 seconds, telling how memories of joy and sorrow can be a light and a foothold in the present. 

“Our latest work entitled ‘Ribuan Memori’ marks a new ‘pole’ for us,” explained Lomba Sihir. Through “Ribuan Memori”, Lomba Sihir also tries to create a more optimistic perspective on life, which in turn leads to a more musical story in stark contrast to the sharp humor presented in Lomba Sihir’s previous albums. 

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Regardless of Lomba Sihir’s personnel composition, which is now missing one member, they are even more confident regarding its musicality, especially in “Ribuan Memori”. Lomba Sihir is inspired by the energy of old bands like Blondie and No Doubt. 

Not only “Ribuan Memori”, they are also preparing for their first tour in mid-2023 with the title “Parade Sihir: Tur Perdana Lomba Sihir”. They will visit 4 cities: Bandung (May 31), Solo (June 3), Surabaya (June 8), and Jakarta (June 10). Ticket sales will be announced soon. 

Lomba Sihir was nominated for Best Asian Band at the 2022 Bandlab NME Awards with their album “Selamat Datang Di Ujung Dunia” ranked 9th on NME Asia’s “The 25 Best Asian Albums of 2021” list, alongside other prestigious Asian albums such as IU’s Lilac and The Chaos Chapter: Freeze by TXT.

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