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Mahen Failed to Hide His Feelings in “Gagal Bersembunyi” ft. Iman Troye

Mahen released another single, which this time was slightly different from Mahen’s previous songs. On his latest song “Gagal Bersembunyi”, Mahen collaborated with a singer from Malaysia, Iman Troye. Iman Troye is the singer of the song entitled “Pejam Celik Hari Raya” released in 2021.

“Gagal Bersembunyi” is a song that tells about a pair of lovers who have been separated for a long time and have lived their own lives. However, unknowingly they still harbor feelings for each other in the past. 

They feel confident that they will get used to not being together, they fail to hide from each other and it’s hard to fight their own hearts, even with the presence of new people they can’t fight the feelings that exist between them. 

“This time I’m collaborating with Iman Troye from Malaysia, it’s really exciting to be able to duet together and unite different languages, even though Indonesian and Malaysian are not much different. The different cultures can unite Iman and I to produce a collaboration,” said Mahen.

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Working on the MV for this song had its own challenges for Mahen and Iman. In the shooting process, Mahen and Iman were hindered by weather conditions. However, this did not stop the process of making a video for this song.

This song also reminds us not to be scared of expressing something until it’s too late and regret it. Coming with the Pop genre, this song might be able to represent the feelings of listeners who are having a hard time forgetting someone they love. Maybe the mouth can speak, but the heart cannot be deceived.

Mahen also expressed his hope that this song would be accepted and liked. He also expressed his hope that he could collaborate with musicians outside Indonesia, so they could exchange musical references.

About Mahen

Petrus Mahendra or better known as Mahen. The singer who started his career in 2019 by performing a song entitled  “Pura-pura Lupa” as his first single managed to get 133+ M viewers. In addition, Mahen already has an album entitled “Sebuah Cerita” which was successful and liked by many music listeners in the country.

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