Bingkai Karya – Rising electro-pop darling Matty Marz unveils her new single & video, “Lacazette.”Following the success of her recent club-ready hit, “EPILL,” Matty continues her ascension to pop superstardom with “Lacazette.” Both singles will be included on her upcoming debut album, m.w.u, due out later this year.

Equipped with thudding 808s and vibrant percussion, “Lacazette” is a fast-paced, heart-pounding pop anthem. “It’s a self-empowerment bop cloaked in lush instrumentation,” Matty elaborates. “I hope that ‘Lacazette’ will have the listener feeling like they can conquer the world and shoot that winning goal in ANY situation.”

“Lacazette” arrives paired with a glossy new music video. Complete with enthralling choreography, a dizzying boxing ring scene, cheeky football references (IYKYK), and a raucous house party, the music video is an intoxicating introduction to Matty Marz’s visual world. 

New York-based Matty Marz is part of a new generation of young trans women who are dominating the pop music game. She brings to the table a technical background in classical music (vocals and composition) and years of experience producing, performing, dancing, and songwriting. Weaving a rich tapestry of unapologetic lyricism, experimental electronic beats, hypnotic melodies, and wide-ranging genre influences, Matty Marz is redefining pop stardom and carving out a sonic lane all of her own. 


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