Melting Permafrost Might Cause Threats For Humans

Scientists have warned us about the increasing heat of our environment that can potentially harm our environment. One of the harmful effects that we should worry about is the “time-traveling” pathogens that might be released from the melting permafrost.

Pathogen is an old organism or agent that can cause disease. They usually cause a severe disease for living things, so it’s safe to call it as ‘virus’. Pathogens are usually buried deep under ice frozen ground such as permafrost. The low temperature of permafrost causes pathogens trapped inside of the frozen ground, preventing the virus to spread free into the entire earth. (Ultram)

A study conducted by Giovanni Strona from the European Commission Joint Research Centre, stated that this thing can be considered as a harmful thing for living things and reminds us of the potential consequences of the world warms up.

However, the prediction of this spreadable pathogens caused by thawing permafrost is not a new thing. 

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“Permafrost thawing and the potential ‘lab leak’ of ancient microorganisms generate risks of biological invasions for today’s ecological communities, including threats to human health via exposure to emerging pathogens,” the researcher explains. “Whether and how such ‘time-traveling’ invaders could establish in modern communities is unclear, and existing data are too scarce to test hypotheses.”

Despite the speculations and predictions of spreadable pathogens, it seems like scientists need to do more and deeper research about the situation. But one thing has been ascertained to be true, the resurgence of time traveling pathogens could be a threat to humans and other living things, along with environment and ecological changes.

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