“Moving On Is the Key!” Ziva Magnolya Releases Her Latest Hit “Get Over Him”

Ziva "Get Over Him"

Bingkai Karya-Ziva Magnolya, an Indonesian soloist, releases her most recent hit, “Get Over Him.” Moving on is the key. The end of a love relationship is not the end of the world; rather, it may mark the beginning of a better one. That might be one of the messages in her latest single.

This song releases under the Universal Music Indonesia record label. It also serve as Ziva Magnolya’s first single in English. In this song, Ziva Magnolya collaborate with several songwriters, namely Shift K3Y alias Lewis Jankel, Kate Stewart, and Malika Ferguson. They are songwriters from Kobalt Music Group which is based in the United States.

This song has a hint of R&B with upbeat, enjoyable pop music. This song, as its title implies, is about the difficulty of letting go of a previous relationship and finding the courage to begin a new one. 

“So, the essence of the lyrics of the song “Get Over Him” is not being able to move on from your ex even though there is a new one, but still trying to forget him, and remaining enthusiastic about starting a new relationship,” said Ziva Magnolya, telling about her new song.

Every component of the composition has a danceable vibe and a really catchy melody. Not to mention Ziva Magnolya’s excellent vocal range and the power of her runs and riffs, which consistently come through in this song, making it even more enjoyable. 

Ziva hopes that her work can be accepted by all Zivellas and music fans in the country. The single “Get Over Him” can be enjoyed on all digital music service platforms. The music video can also be watched on Ziva Magnolya’s official YouTube account.

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