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Network Node of 260 Cities – Regencies Throughout Indonesia Again Holds Indonesia Creative Cities Festival 2023 in Banjarmasin

Academics, entrepreneurs/MSMEs, communities, regional and central governments, media, and aggregaters in more than 260 cities and districts throughout Indonesia are again holding an annual program called the Indonesia Creative Cities Festival (ICCF). This year, Banjarmasin is hosting ICCF 2023 with the theme “Cangkurah Kayuh Baimbai”. Based on the philosophical values of Banjarese culture, “Kayuh” means rowing and “Baimbai” means together, or in this context, it can also be interpreted as a spirit of togetherness and cohesiveness that continues to be carried by the network in achieving common goals and does not easily give up in the face of obstacles. including collaboration in realizing creative ideas and concepts for the progress of Indonesia. ICCN General Chair, Tubagus Fiki Chikara Satari, explained that ICCN’s journey since 2015 in networking, creating, and having an impact has provided experience for all members and their networks to grow together, complement each other, appreciate, and always learn so that they reach maturity as a community, agent change, as well as a leader.

ICCN General Chair, Tubagus Fiki Chikara Satari, stated that the period from 2015 onwards marked ICCN’s progression in networking, innovation, and making a meaningful difference. This journey has allowed all members and their networks to develop collectively, support one another, value each other’s contributions, and consistently acquire knowledge. This continuous learning process aims to enable them to evolve into a mature community, catalysts for change, and effective leaders.

“We celebrate this bond every year through two main activities, namely the National Coordination Meeting and the Indonesia Creative Cities Festival (ICCF),” he explained.

Fiki also explained that in this period, ICCN will continue to carry out strategic programs with ICCN in the Kotaborasi (Unities)—Community Power—Sustainable Nation (Sustainability) road map.

“Through ICCF, we strengthen the synergy between Hexa Helix parties in all districts and cities, have real impacts in the immediate environment, on a national and international scale, and we also create solutions together through the implementation of the 11 Creative City/Regency Strategy called Catha Ekadasa. Come, celebrate diversity and brotherhood in the excitement of the Indonesian creative city festival,” he added.

ICCF 2023 in Banjarmasin, which will be held on October 18–20, 2023, will be filled with a series of routine annual activities such as the Indonesia Creative Cities Conference (ICCC), Creative Workshop, Creative Expo, and Creative Tour, of course by presenting a number of creative people from the government. The Center, Regional Government, Local Champions, and the ICCN network came from all over Indonesia to Banjarmasin.

Keynote Speakers who will share stories of experience and knowledge in the Indonesia Creative Cities Conference (ICCC) session include Ir. Bambang Susantono, MCP., MSCE., Ph.D. (Head of the Archipelago Capital Authority), Drs. Teten Masduki (Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs of the Republic of Indonesia), Angela Tanoesoedibjo (Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia), Wishnutama Kusubandio (Chair of the ICCN Steering Committee), Putri Tanjung (ICCN Honorary Board), Setia Budhi, Ph.D. (Indonesian Anthropological Association of South Kalimantan), Dr. Eng. Akbar Rahman, ST., MT., IAI (Banjarmasin Creative Economy Committee), and Drs. H. Alimuddin, M.Sc. (IKN Authority Agency Deputy for Social, Cultural and Community Empowerment).

Along with that, the Creative Leaders session at ICCC will be attended by Hendri Septa, B.Bus. (Acc), M.I.B (Mayor of Padang), H. Ibnu Sina, S.Pi., M.Sc. (Mayor of Banjarmasin), H. Pilar Saga Ichsan, S.T. (Deputy Mayor of South Tangerang), Ir. H. Moh. Ramdhan Pomanto (Mayor of Makassar), Dr. Muhammad Ridwan Rudalamun, S.E., M.M. (PJ Governor of Papua), dr. Khairul, M. Kes. (Mayor of Tarakan), Dr. M. Tauhid Soleman, M.Sc. (Mayor of Ternate), Dr. Ir. Wahyu Hidayat, M.M. (PJ Mayor of Malang), and Dr. Frans Pekey, M.Sc. (PJ Mayor of Jayapura).

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The Creative Tour, which is part of the ICCF 2023 series in Banjarmasin, will also take participants around various creative spaces, historical locations, and local brand centers, such as Banjarmasin Creative Hub (BCH), Old Martapura Harbor, 0 km Pier, Sasirangan Village, Ketupat Village, View Tower, Anno 1925 House, Floating Market, Siring Bekantan, and Dekrashow & Cangkurah Expo. Publication of information related to the ICCF 2023 Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, 18–20 October 2023 series of activities can be followed via social media at @ICCNMedia.

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Simpul Jejaring 260 Kota – Kabupaten Seluruh Indonesia Kembali Selenggarakan Indonesia Creative Cities Festival 2023 di Banjarmasin – Jurnal Patroli News

Simpul Jejaring 260 Kota – Kabupaten Seluruh Indonesia Kembali Selenggarakan Indonesia Creative Cities Festival 2023 di Banjarmasin |


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