Newcomer Gabriella Ekaputri Debuts with Upbeat Love Anthem “Me & U”

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian talent Gabriella Ekaputri is taking the music scene by storm with her debut single, “Me & U.” Released today via Universal Music Indonesia, the song is a vibrant dance-pop anthem that celebrates the joy of finding love.

Ekaputri’s artistic journey began early. After winning the Starteen Modelling Competition in 2015, she went on to star in web series like “Antares.” Her talents were recognized internationally, leading to training opportunities in Korea with a major entertainment agency and a chance to represent Indonesia at the Now United Bootcamp in Abu Dhabi.

“Me & U” marks Ekaputri’s first official release with Universal Music Indonesia.  The song, written and arranged by renowned producer The Kennel Music, is an infectious ode to newfound love.  The accompanying music video, directed by Timothy Steven Oroh, brings the song’s message to life with vibrant colors, energetic dance routines choreographed by Bertrand Tio Christopher, and a touch of playful rebellion.

Ekaputri is thrilled with her new musical journey. “It’s a huge milestone!” she shared. “I’m working with an amazing team who supports my creativity.”

The “Me & U” music video is just the first chapter. Ekaputri promises a full-length dance performance video to follow, and expresses her excitement for creating more music in the future. Her goal? To spread joy and touch hearts with her music, making “Me & U” an anthem for young love.

With her talent, dedication, and positive energy, Gabriella Ekaputri is a rising star to watch. Stay tuned for the next exciting chapters in her musical journey!

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