Noui Takes Listeners on an Emotional Odyssey with “BORDER ROOM”

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian singer-songwriter noui unveils her highly anticipated second EP, “BORDER ROOM,” a mesmerizing musical journey into the diverse realms of her mind. More than just an album, “BORDER ROOM” is an immersive experience, inviting listeners to explore the intricate landscapes of noui’s emotions through a unique blend of atmospheric melodies, emotive storytelling, and visual artistry.

A Storyteller Channeling Depth: noui, a musician who channels her emotional depth into every note, transcends boundaries and goes beyond captivating audiences. With “BORDER ROOM,” she elevates her artistry to new heights, taking listeners on a journey through the intricate rooms of her emotions.

Navigating the Inner Rooms: As someone with borderline personality disorder, noui brings a distinct perspective to the EP, each track representing a different “room” – a distinct emotion captured and brought to life through her soul-stirring compositions. The five tracks include:

  • Dunia Drives My Car (focus track): An intimate story about regret and rage, where the car becomes a metaphor for control. The song explores surrender and resilience amidst lush, ambient sounds.
  • The Moon Is Not Here: An enigmatic exploration of human destruction and delusions from nature’s perspective.
  • Spirit: A struggle to balance contemporary needs and ancestral calling, taking listeners on a journey through the fast-paced cityscape where connection to origin is often forgotten.
  • Body: A poignant reflection on self-doubt and the collateral damage of experiences, delving into the need for warmth and connection to overcome trauma.
  • Favorite Person: A romantic take on idealization, capturing the essence of having a “favorite person” as if life depends on it.

Noui’s Vision: “With ‘BORDER ROOM,’ I want to invite people to see the world through my eyes and explore emotions in a way that’s raw, genuine, and unfiltered,” noui says. “It’s a journey through the intricate landscapes of my mind, and I hope listeners find solace, inspiration, and a piece of themselves within these rooms.”

Immerse Yourself: “BORDER ROOM” is now available on all digital streaming platforms, alongside the “Dunia Drives My Car” Official Music Video on noui’s YouTube Channel. Prepare to be captivated by noui’s artistry and embark on a journey through the diverse and powerful rooms of her emotions.


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