OPPO Presented Orange Color in Its Smartphone to Combine Trend and Popularity

OPPO is back to bring innovation through the orange color on its smartphone, namely OPPO A77s. Orange color, that had become a trend in 2004, 2012, and 2019, can arouse curiosity, enthusiasm, and creativity. No wonder, more and more young people are fond of orange on their clothes, daily accessories, and favorite items. Orange is also a universal color that can be used by both men and women in the fashion world.

Orange color is now available on OPPO A77s. Sunset Orange color on the OPPO A77s’s  back design symbolizes luxury in an attractive color combination and wrapped in skin texture. The Fiberglass Leather Design on OPPO A77s presents a soft orange color appearance and high quality leather texture. Moreover, adding the flat frame increasingly gives the impression of being elegant and cool.

Fiberglass Leather Design is a technique for making the back case from glass fiber. With a special technique, these fibers present several layers of back cover including leather texture which not only gives a unique impression, but also are not slippery when the smartphone is held.

The flat edges of the frame are designed to provide optimal comfort and perfect angle tilt. It avoids sharp impressions when the A77s is held without using casing. With the advantages of an elegant design that can maximize your style in every outfit, no need to hesitate anymore with this latest OPPO A77s device. OPPO A77s can be purchased in Indonesia at a price of IDR 3,499,000.


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