Rich Brian Recount his Rise in music and Sundance Debut  with “Sundance Freestyle”

Rich Brian, an Indonesian rapper, singer, and producer, has released his new track “Sundance Freestyle” along with its official video following the Sundance premiere of his first film, Jamojaya, which was directed by Justin Chon.

“Sundance Freestyle” features a surealist production that highlights Brian’s steady rise in music scene and his Sundance debut lately. Written cleverly plus a catchy track that carries a cinematic quality, Brian says in disbelief, “I just took a flight to Utah man that’s a first time… 5 years ago I’d be so happy to get 5 bands for a 30-minute set.”

In the official video, which was directed by team member Daniel Cloud Campos, Brian is charming as a movie star while participating in a talk show where his major role in Jamojaya is being discussed. With intricate one-take views, it’s possible to observe a range of individuals disrupting and creating havoc on the entire production, from skateboards and disco dancers to a keytarist entering the frame.

Last week, Jamojaya premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Justin Chon, actor, and professional filmmaker, it tells us about the massive gap between father and son. As a rising young rapper, Brian needs to hire a manager and music label from the United States to take over the control from his father, played by Yayu Unru, who guides his son’s entire career from the start to the zenith of his fame.

Jamojaya is mostly narrated in Bahasa Indonesia, Sean Miyashiro, the CEO, and Co-Founder of 88rising also acts as the film’s Executive Producer.

“Sundance Freestyle” follows the previous self-produced song by Brian, “VIVID” featuring $NOT. This heartbreak song features rappers that trade every coherent verse, exploring the ups and downs of a relationship. “Brian easily switches between his low, unique rap voice and soft vocal” Complex said.

Recently, Brian also become the headline of the 88rising music festival, Head in the Clouds in Los Angeles last August, in front of 35.000 viewers and global shows in Jakarta and Manila in December 2022.


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