Rick Kanardi Proves His Promise to His Father with ‘Jimmy Boy’

Rick Kanardi finally released his comeback single entitled ‘Jimmy Boy’. This single is the first single after 2018, Rick released ‘I Need To Know’ and his debut single entitled ‘Until the End’ in 2017.  This original single created by Rick Kanardi tells the story of a promise made by a little boy to make his father proud.

 “As time goes by, the son is busy working hard to fulfill his promise. This song tells and describes the emotional journey of their relationship,” Rick explains. The single, which is arguably a heartfelt tribute, speaks of the power of family, love, and perseverance.

Featuring Rick Kanardi’s new musical signature with emotive acoustic guitar playing and Rick’s signature vocals, the song is a sweet blend of Pop and Folk. Rayendra Sunito and Rifka Rachman served as Producers for this single. While Rayendra was also involved in the Mixing process, and the Mastering process by Sage Studio. 

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Rick also said that the song ‘Jimmy Boy is his copyrighted work and composition. It is particularly special to him because it reflects the valuable lesson his father taught him when he was a child. The new single is the result of a promise Rick Kanardi made to his father.

Jimmy Boy is expected by Rick to be a song that can touch the day of its listeners as well as a reminder of the importance of family and the power of love. You can stream Rick Kanardi’s comeback single ‘Jimmy Boy‘ on all digital streaming platforms across Indonesia and experience this emotional and written track from Rick Kanardi.

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