Rising Rocker TX2 B bares Soul in Harrowing New Song “So Numb”: A Song About Grief and Healing

Bingkai Karya – Rising artist TX2 is back with a powerful new single, “So Numb”, which delves deep into the complexities of grief. Described as a “harrowing look” into his own healing journey, the song showcases TX2’s talent for crafting devastatingly honest lyrics.

Dedicated to anyone who has experienced loss, “So Numb” was written in memory of those close to TX2 and his collaborator, Cam. The song explores the struggles of dealing with grief, particularly when it comes to the loss of loved ones.

Known for injecting personal experiences into his music, TX2, also known as Evan Thomas, is a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community. His music often reflects on his own experiences of feeling like an outsider, but ultimately connects with anyone who has ever felt alone.

Always pushing boundaries, TX2 uses his music to raise awareness of important societal issues. With “So Numb,” he makes his voice heard loud and clear, offering a powerful and relatable anthem for those navigating the challenges of grief.

“So Numb” is available to stream now, and TX2 is set to embark on a massive U.S. tour alongside fellow Hopeless Records artist NOAHFINNCE. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience TX2’s raw and emotional music live.


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