“Run Back to You”: Lay Zhang and Lauv Drop Captivating Global Collaboration

Bingkai KaryaLay Zhang, a top Asian star, and Lauv, a rising American pop artist, have finally released their much-awaited collaboration, “Run Back to You”, a catchy global anthem. The song, released on February 23rd, blends modern pop sounds with a touch of nostalgic retro vibes, promising to be a hit with fans worldwide.

“Run Back to You” explores the complexities of love and relationships. Lay’s soulful voice sings about the cycle of going back to someone even when repeating past mistakes, while Lauv’s sweet vocals harmonize beautifully. The song is set to a catchy synth-pop beat that will get you moving.

Both artists expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration. Lay said they had fun creating the song and hoped everyone would enjoy dancing to it. Lauv, who met Lay during his first visit to China, is excited to share their creation with the world.

The music video features a special guest appearance by popular YouTuber and streamer Valkyrae, adding her unique energy to the visual experience. This collaboration between Lay Zhang, Lauv, and Valkyrae brings together talents from different corners of the entertainment world, promising a unique and exciting experience for fans.

The release of “Run Back to You” marks a significant step in Lay Zhang’s global music journey, setting the stage for his upcoming album release.


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