Shelomita Returns with a Heartfelt Anthem: ‘Biarkan Kasih Bernada’ in collaboration with Laleilmanino

Bingkai Karya – The much-anticipated return of the talented Shelomita is finally here, and she comes bearing a musical gift that is sure to touch the hearts of fans worldwide. Collaborating with the renowned Laleilmanino, Shelomita has released her latest single, ‘Biarkan Kasih Bernada,’ marking her first musical endeavor since the 2020 release of ‘Harus.’

In an exclusive interview, Shelomita expressed her eagerness to reclaim her place on the stage, emphasizing the intense desire that fueled her return to the world that initially propelled her to fame. With ‘Biarkan Kasih Bernada,’ she brings back the signature Shelomita style, delivering a song that not only captivates the ears but also carries a profound message inspired by the human experience.

The lyrics of ‘Biarkan Kasih Bernada’ delve deep into the complexities of human emotions, echoing Shelomita’s belief in the purity of every individual’s conscience, initially created holy by God. However, as life’s trials and disappointments unfold, the heart may succumb to the shadows, losing its pristine clarity and turning individuals bitter.

Shelomita’s message is clear: the path to a brighter world begins with self-love. She encourages listeners to forgive themselves, transcend disappointing circumstances, and embrace gratitude for the positive aspects of life. “Find happiness, and you can smile again,” she asserts. The song becomes a powerful reminder that amidst life’s challenges, we can choose to nurture our hearts, spread love, and contribute to a more beautiful world.

‘Biarkan Kasih Bernada’ is a call to action, reminding us that love is a pursuit worth fighting for. Shelomita envisions a world where individuals live with clean hearts and calm minds, always choosing the path of kindness and truth. In her words, “Use this life to the fullest with kindness and truth, and hopefully, we can all become human beings with cleaner hearts and minds, spreading love to others.”

As Shelomita embarks on this musical journey once again, ‘Biarkan Kasih Bernada’ serves as the first step in her return to the world of music. Fans can anticipate more soulful creations, as Shelomita is currently preparing several songs for release in the near future.

In a heartfelt message, she expresses her hope that ‘Biarkan Kasih Bernada’ becomes a beloved anthem for music enthusiasts everywhere, inspiring hope and love for a more beautiful world. As we embrace the powerful message within the song, Shelomita invites us all to join her on this musical voyage towards a brighter and more harmonious existence.


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