Suara Kayu Celebrates One-Year Milestone with the Release of ‘Perjalanan Mimpi’ Mini Album

Bingkai Karya – Indonesian pop-folk sensation, Suara Kayu, is marking its one-year anniversary with the launch of their latest mini album, ‘Perjalanan Mimpi.’ Comprising eight soulful tracks, each featuring collaborations with diverse musicians, the album serves as a musical chronicle of Suara Kayu’s journey since its formation in May 2020. Ingrid Tamara and Audree Dewangga, the duo behind Suara Kayu, describe ‘Perjalanan Mimpi’ as a testament to their dreams and the realization of many aspirations over the past three years.

Suara Kayu emerged on May 7, 2020, amidst the challenges of the pandemic, initially conceived as a fleeting project. The initial spark ignited during those uncertain times laid the foundation for the duo’s dreams, eventually inspiring the title of their latest EP, ‘Perjalanan Mimpi’ (Journey of Dreams). In a press release dated November 29, 2023, the artists expressed gratitude for the dreams that have come to fruition and conveyed the album as a narrative of their pursuit of musical excellence.

In 2023, Suara Kayu embarked on their first collaboration tour, ‘Semimpi,’ covering four cities and captivating fans with their unique sound. The promotional tour featured guest appearances from notable musicians such as Awdella, Derai, and Febinda Tito. The tour not only showcased the group’s dynamic performances but also demonstrated their commitment to fostering musical collaborations within the industry.

During the same year, Suara Kayu achieved significant success with their song ‘Kembali Pulang,’ a collaboration with Feby Putri. The track went viral, securing a spot in the Top 50 Indonesian Songs Chart on Spotify, amassing over 88 million streams. Recognizing the impact of their work, the song received two nominations at the AMI Awards in the Best Collaboration Production Work and Best Original Soundtrack Production Work categories.

The production of ‘Perjalanan Mimpi’ was a labor of love, spanning almost two years. The mini album features collaborations with a diverse array of musicians, each bringing their unique flair to the project. The tracklist includes:

  • Obat Rindu (Feat. Kucaimars)
  • Tak Perlu Ada Senja (Feat. Fiersa Besari)
  • Kembali Pulang (Feat. Feby Putri)
  • Kubiarkan Kau Pergi Hari Ini (Feat. Rio Ardhillah)
  • Istimewa Di Hati (Feat. Project Pop)
  • Rekat (Feat. Gritte Agatha)
  • Love Forever Feat. Arash Buana (English Version)
  • Love Forever Feat. Arash Buana (Indonesian Version)

The release of ‘Love Forever’ featuring Arash Buana marks a significant milestone for Suara Kayu, as it is their first English-language song. The single narrates a heartwarming tale of enduring love, capturing the essence of the band’s signature style. The song is available in two versions – a full English rendition and a bilingual mix of Indonesian and English. In a statement, Suara Kayu expressed their joy and gratitude for achieving this dream, emphasizing Arash Buana’s expertise in bringing their vision to life in English.

As Suara Kayu celebrates its one-year anniversary, ‘Perjalanan Mimpi’ stands as a testament to the duo’s musical evolution and the realization of their dreams. With successful collaborations, chart-topping hits, and a growing fan base, Suara Kayu continues to make its mark on the Indonesian music scene. As the journey unfolds, the duo looks forward to more milestones and dreams coming to life in the vibrant landscape of Indonesian pop-folk. The songs from ‘Perjalanan Mimpi’ are available on all digital streaming platforms, inviting listeners to embark on a musical journey with Suara Kayu.


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