Zy the Way Embraces Cultural Fusion in “Fading Away (看顧),” a Poignant Ode to Family Legacy

Bingkai KaryaZy the Way, the acclaimed jazz ensemble renowned for their captivating blend of diverse musical influences, has unveiled their latest masterpiece: “Fading Away (看顧).” This poignant, genre-bending composition marks a significant departure for the band, weaving a profound narrative on the cyclical nature of caregiving through a rich tapestry of English and Taiwanese dialect.

At the heart of the song lies a universal story of family devotion. It paints a tender portrait of parental nurturing in youth, seamlessly transitioning to the responsibilities of caring for aging parents as children mature. vocalist Caitlin Magee, herself a product of Taiwanese-Australian heritage, delivers a captivating performance that mirrors her own multifaceted background, lending authenticity and depth to the lyrics.

Marking a shift from the band’s customary reliance on ancient Chinese poetry, “Fading Away (看顧)” features lyrics penned by revered Taiwanese lyricist Liao Wen-Qiang. This choice serves as a powerful symbol of Magee’s cultural roots and celebrates the band’s multicultural composition, which boasts members of both Taiwanese and American descent.

The strategic release of the song on digital platforms just two weeks before the 2024 Chinese New Year celebration amplifies its significance. “Fading Away (看顧)” aims to resonate with the core essence of this important holiday in Taiwan, bridging distances and drawing diverse Taiwanese communities together amidst the flurry of multigenerational festivities.

Vocalist Caitlin Magee envisions the song as a poignant bridge for those separated from loved ones or mourning their loss, offering solace through the evocation of cherished memories. In essence, “Fading Away (看顧)” serves as a potent reminder of the unifying power of shared experiences and the importance of familial bonds during a holiday traditionally centered around family reunion.

The song’s musical genesis can be traced back to the band’s desire to infuse pianist and composer Matt Fullen’s pop music influences into their exploration of the Shijing (Chinese Book of Classics) songs. The resulting melody seamlessly blends a modern song structure with jazz-infused improvisational solos, showcasing Zy the Way’s innovative and refreshing approach to the traditional musical form known as “the song.”

With “Fading Away (看顧),” Zy the Way delivers a poignant masterpiece that transcends musical boundaries. It’s a celebration of family, legacy, and the bittersweet beauty of life’s cyclical nature, guaranteed to resonate with audiences around the world.


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