29 Times In A Row, Indonesia Has A Positive Trade Balance

Indonesia’s trade balance rebounded to a monthly surplus of $4.99 billion, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics, in September 2022. With this outcome, Indonesia’s trade balance went into its 29th consecutive month of surplus.

The trade balance was in excess because the exports were US$24.80 billion, down US$10.99 billion from US$27.86 billion in the previous month. The import value, however, was just US$19.81 billion, a decrease of 10.58 percent.

The export performance was specifically aided by oil and gas shipments, which totaled US$1.33 billion, a decrease of 21.41% from US$1.69 billion the previous month. Similarly, exports of goods other than oil and gas decreased by 10.31%, from US$26.18 billion to US$23.48 billion.

So, the entire export value (from January to September 2022) was US$219.35 billion. When compared to the same time previous year, when its value was US$164.32 billion, it increased by 33.49%.

Oil and gas imports in September (month to month/mtm) totaled US$3.43 billion, a decrease of 7.44% from the previous month’s US$3.7 billion. This loss was supported by a 6.78% drop in volume of imports of oil products, a 36.06% drop in gas prices, and a 32.82% drop in volume of imported oil commodities.

All categories of products had a decrease in imports, according to the usage of goods (mtm). Consumption imports dropped by 14.13% , auxiliary or raw materials grew less by 11.07%, and capital goods weakened by 6.39%.


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