3 Simple Ways to Reduce Food Waste!

Food waste happens because many people don’t finish their food so it ends up in the trash. This phenomenon is still very common for the people of Indonesia. This bad habit can harm the environment and threaten the sustainability of human food. Another bad thing from food waste is food waste can produce methane that can cause global warming.

However, you can try these 3 simple ways to reduce food waste

  1. Rethink

Rethink means that you think twice before you buy something. For example, when you want to buy food stocks for one week or month, you can think twice for food you need, not just what you want. Or, when you want to order food, make sure that it is perfect for your portion, so it won’t be wasted. When you do rethink, it not only helps to reduce food waste, but also can help you be more efficient.

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  1. Food Preparation

The next simple way to reduce food waste is food preparation. With food preparation, you can arrange any food or groceries that you will consume in one week or month. Correct way of food preparation techniques, can help you to save your food more efficiently so it won’t cause food loss. Besides, with food preparation, it can help you to track your nutritional intake.

  1. Composting

Last simple way that can help to reduce waste is composting. Leftover food can be sorted and collected, then composted. Not only effective to prevent wasting food, it can also help to be used as fertilizer. (plu68.com) Before composting the leftover foods, you can sort the trash first, because not all the trash can be composted. You should also note that food ingredients such as bones and meat, cannot be composted, because they can invite disease bacteria. 

So, those are three simple ways that can help to reduce food waste. 

Source: Waste4Change

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