4 Actions You Can Take to Protect Our Rainforest

Do you know that ⅓ of the original tropical rainforest has disappeared? It is terrifying, the fact that rainforest plays important roles to our planet, like absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen for us, maintaining the world’s water cycle, providing food for human beings, and affording home for plants and animals. 

Unfortunately, the number of tropical rainforests on our planet keeps decreasing due to massive tree loggings and mining operations. However, we are still able to save rainforest, once again, by these 4 ways.

Reducing Beef Consumption

The primary outcome of deforestation is beef production. If that is the case, reducing beef consumption can be one of the ways to prevent deforestation, as well as helping with energy efficiency, water pollution, and reducing methane production. Even so, we can still eat beef by purchasing beef from local farms and farms who feed their cows with grass. (bolivarescapes.com)

Avoiding to Consume Soybeans and Palm Oil

Not only beef, soybeans and palm oil also contribute to deforestation. Therefore, buying food which does not contain soybeans and palm oil might be the right step. 

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Big corporations contribute the most to greenhouse gas emissions. Human beings also contribute to gas emission, but we can start to reduce it by not driving very often, consuming less energy, recycling energy, and using renewable energy sources. 

Supporting Organizations Committed to Preserving Rainforests

Dedicating ourselves to environmental preservation might be hard for some of us. But, as we start to do what we can do for our planet, we can also donate our money to some organizations committed to preserving the environment, especially rainforests. 


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