5 Tips of Green Fashion We Can Try to Save Our Earth

Green Fashion becomes a trend in the fashion industry. People have already woken up to the environmental issue caused by the fashion industry. Starting from the production of raw materials, and fabric processing, to the mass production of clothing. All of these require natural resources and generate waste. However, Green Fashion aims to reduce the negative impact on the environment or green fashion.

Green Fashion refers to clothing that is produced in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. These are 5 tips about Green Fashion we can follow. 

1. Buy organic clothing

Organic materials are produced without pesticides and other harmful chemicals, making them more eco-friendly and safer for the skin. Organic materials are also more durable and easy to recycle. When shopping for clothes, look for labels that say they’re made from organic materials.

2. Choose clothes made from recycled materials

Clothes made from recycled materials can reduce the amount of textile waste by the fashion industry. These materials are usually taken from used clothes, textile production waste, or other recycled materials. Recycled clothes last longer and are of higher quality than new ones.

3. Find a responsible manufacturer

Many clothing industries adopt eco-friendly measures, such as reducing production waste, using renewable energy, and reducing the use of hazardous chemicals. Look for brands that have received environmental and social certifications, such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), Oeko-Tex Standard 100, or Fair Trade Certified.

4. Buy good quality clothes

High-quality clothing lasts longer and requires fewer changes, reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Make sure to buy good quality and durable. This also means we have to take good care of our clothes, such as washing them in cold water and avoiding using a tumble dryer.

5. Consider secondhand shopping

Thrifting clothes is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. When we buy used clothes, we’re not only saving on textiles, but we’re also giving the clothes a second chance.

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