Get to Know the Quiet Luxury That Will Be Popular in 2023

“Quiet Luxury” has recently become a hot topic in the fashion industry. “Luxury” itself is usually used to describe luxury goods. In the fashion world, you might imagine clothes, bags, or other fashion with a logo print of a series of luxury brands, otherwise known as “loud luxury”. 

In contrast to the term “loud luxury”, “quiet luxury” is a concept of how to dress with free-logo design characteristics, but still clearly visible exclusive impression. They don’t want to steal the limelight or the brand name on their clothes. In addition to not wanting to show the logo, they also want exclusivity where they don’t wear the same things that most people wear. 

The Concept of Quiet Luxury

The concept started with the upper-class dressing in high-priced basics and has grown in popularity with the rise of fashion collections from The Row, Khaite, Max Mara, and Bottega Veneta. At first glance, it looks like a minimalist style. The difference is that minimalism focuses on functionality, while quiet luxury is more flexible in terms of design variations. 

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The style focuses on quality, cut, and craftsmanship. Quality over quantity is the essence of quiet luxury. Invest in high-quality classic items that are easy to mix and match and suitable to wear all the time. Some mainstay items are blazers, shirts, maxi skirts, or maxi dresses, material pants, sleek coats, loafers, classic leather bags, wide-leg jeans, and t-shirts.

This style of dressing is also called “elevated basic” or “non-trend trend”, because, even if the type of clothing is basic, the silhouette will look luxurious, and can instantly make an elegant appearance. Also, the design is timeless. How to mix and match to create a quiet luxury look is quite simple. For example, a white t-shirt paired with material pants, a shirt with a maxi skirt, or a coat.

Quiet luxury will probably become a trend in 2023. The fact is that during the Spring/Summer 2023 show, some brands started showing lowkey designs. Where every look shown was plain with no logo or brand name.

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