4 Secrets of Longevity From Japan’s ‘Ageless Island’

It’s no secrets that Japan has the largest population of centenarians (people over 100 years old) in the world. These centenarians reside on Okinawa Island, which is often nicknamed the island of eternal youth. The residents of Okinawa Island also have much lower rates of cancer, diabetes, and senility compared to the elderly population elsewhere. According to them, the secrets to a japan long live lies in these tips.

The secrets of Longevity and Healthy Life From Japan

1. Eating antioxidant foods

Okinawans eat a diet rich in vegetables and antioxidant foods. Unlike most Asian countries, the staple food in Okinawa is not rice, but fiber-rich yams. They eat a lot of yellow and green vegetables every day, such as bitter melon, and various soy products.

2. Eat only until 80% full

‘Hara hachi bu’ is a Japanese term that means “eat until you are 80% full.” The term comes from the city of Okinawa, where people use this advice as a way to control their eating habits. This habit aligns with ancient wisdom that advises against overeating.

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3. Stay active into old age

If you visit this beautiful island, you will not only see 90-year-olds harvesting fruit, but you will also see them plowing fields and riding bicycles. Many houses in Okinawa have very little furniture. Residents here eat and relax while sitting on tatami mats spread out on the floor. Eating like this encourages them to get up and down more often, which builds lower body strength and balance.

4. Ikigai

Every Okinawan, and most other Japanese people, have their own ikigai. Ikigai is defined as the purpose in life that makes them excited to wake up every morning and start the day.

Ikigai also refers to the concept of happiness and in the small daily activities rather than achieving an end goal that promises happiness. In fact, ikigai becomes a person’s reason to live even when they are unhappy or miserable.

So that is the tips on how you can live a long and healthy live just like the Okinawa residents.

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