Andrea Tanzil Tells About a Lost Spark Relationship in “Uneasy”

Andrea Tanzil releases her first single “Uneasy”. This is also the first introduction of her music to national music listeners. ( Andrea Tanzil stated that the song “Uneasy” was inspired by her own experiences, and she hopes that many people will be able to relate to her story.

“Uneasy” tells about a couple with no longer any spark of romance, communication, or feelings between them. However, they are not sure whether to stop their relationship or keep going because they still love each other. Undoubtedly, there are some people who have been or are in this situation. Finding the mood, melody, and good lyrics to express the message she intended was challenging for her.

The song “Uneasy” has an R&B tone with a bit of a ballad and glamorous-looking single artwork. Although Andrea Tanzil chose the R&B genre for her debut song, she did not rule out exploring other genres, such as pop or hip-hop. She believes in having the courage to explore her dreams as a singer and songwriter. She admitted that creating this single required a lot of time because she wanted to create a good-quality song. She gained a lot of knowledge by trying to write her own songs and taking part in different workshops to improve her musical ability.

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Andrea Tanzil is a new singer with a unique voice and guitar playing skill. She rose to fame after frequently posting her short singing videos to social media and attracting a music label, Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. Although Andrea Tanzil mentioned that she was previously inactive in uploading music videos, her enthusiasm for music has recently reappeared since joining the Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia music label.

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