Derai New Song “Love Tale” and Their Love Language

Derai release their new song “Love Tale” as a move to kickoff their 2023. Consisting of Ica Deriza (Ica) and Ramli Nurhappi (Rai), “Love Tale”  represent aspect of the Love Language that’s receiving gift.

About Love Tale

““Love Tale” is a congratulation and celebration from Rai for Deriza’s birthday. Acting as the appreciation of growing old that can be celebrated together,” said Ica, a member of Derai.

“Love Tale” acts as the continuation of the other 3 previous songs from Derai, all of which represent every love language: “In My Blood” represents physical touch, word of affirmation is embodied in “Relate To You” and “On My Way” reflect the act of service element.

Derai’s mini album “Love In Colors” will include 4 of these songs. “Love Tale” is written by Rai and Ica, and produced by Ankadiov and Kamga Mo as the vocal director. With a 3 minute duration, the romantic lyrics in English from “Love Tale” also contain hope from Derai.

“I hope everyone is always surrounded by Happiness, celebrating their important days wholeheartedly, and hopefully, Love Tale can accompany your happy days,” said Ica regarding the message in Derai’s latest song for the audience.

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Derai also held its premiere showcase on March 11, in which they performed an original song and in addition were accompanied by special guests such as Jinan Laetitia, Cloves, and Alkadri.  While also supported by Mousaik, Billboard INA, Boleh Music, and Musicvibe

The premiere showcase is an unforgettable experience and brings a lot of Joy to Derai. They not only perform but also take care of every detail of the event. Moreover, they hope that it will bring a lot of satisfaction for everyone that’s coming to the showcase

Derai New Song “Love Tale” is already available on every digital streaming platform in Indonesia. Official Visualizer for the single “On My Way” was also released simultaneously with the song and can be watched on Derai’s Youtube Channel.

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