Reality Club’s “Desire” in Taking Revenge and Warning For Us

Reality Club released another single that acted as the continuity after the release of their wild west nuance single “Dancing In The Breeze Alone”, titled “Desire”. Taking a darker theme for the song, “Desire” tells us how humans can become someone that’s evil for the sake of their darkest desire. This song serves as a warning that anything can happen and change if we keep following our desire recklessly.

While acting as the sequel of “Dancing In The Breeze Alone”, “Desire” has its own vibes and is not inspired by a spaghetti western theme film. It gave a darker tone, starting with a rock song that switches to dark trap to portray a character that has already fallen to their greed and ambition. Chicha Adzhari took a hand in arranging the song strings, as one of Reality Club’s long-time collaborators.

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The music video is shot in Bali with simple effects and real actions from the actor, where they need to learn how to ride a horse properly. It was directed by Ibnu Dian, and produced by MIURA Films. “Desire” tells of “The Sister” as the only surviving member of the gang after being betrayed by “Mortas”, played by Bobby Mandela of BKR Brothers. It follows their journey on the road of revenge for the death of their friends and comrades, even if it cost her life. 

Formed in Jakarta, in late 2016, Reality Club is an Indie-Rock band that was nominated at AMI Awards for the Best Newcomer Categories in 2018 and Best Alternatives Group from 2018 to 2022. Consisted of Era Patigo (drummer), Faiz Novascotia Saripudin (vocal dan guitarist), Fathia Izzati (vocal and keyboard), and Nugi Wicaksono (bass).  Reality Club has established an audience in several regions such as Tokyo, Malaysia, Singapore, and Jeddah and is one of the Indonesia Reps in South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas, United States.


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