Reality Club Released Wild West Inspired New Single “Dancing In The Breeze Alone”

Reality Club is ready to introduce another unique experience with a concept that has never been tried before. After the success of their single “Anything You Want” which entered several charts and multiplied their number of digital streams and stages, the fan-favorite quartet is back to presenting a cinematic experience titled Wild West with the latest single entitled “Dancing In The Breeze Alone”.

“Dancing in the Breeze Alone” is a homage to spaghetti western-themed films and video games and is an iconic characteristic of the genre. The song contains a lot of cowboy-themed sounds reminiscent of the wild west era and tells of a relationship that ended badly. Once the love is gone and all that’s left is an unhappy ending, we tend to treat our partners unkindly, and end up hurting each other just to make our partners feel the pain we felt.

In the end, when everything feels empty (in the empty harmony lyrics), we just do the movements (in the dancing lyrics) like fish that inevitably follow the flow of water. This is the picture of a tragedy and makes us wonder what if everything was fine.

The song features a choral ensemble from Kancatala, as well as a 46-piece orchestra played by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra, which has been co-responsible for scoring scores for many well-known films, such as Squid Game and Get Out. This is Reality Club’s second time working with the orchestra since releasing the single “Tell Me I’m Wrong”.

To provide a more immersive experience of this song, Reality Club teamed up with MIURA Films to produce a music video which is also heavily inspired by spaghetti western films. This music video was directed by Ibnu Dian and co-starred by one of the BKR Brothers retainers, Bobby Mandela. Taken entirely on the island of Bali, this video fully used practical effects and real action from the players, where they also have to take equestrian courses to be able to ride and control horses properly and correctly. (Ultram)

Formed at the end of 2016, Reality Club is an indie-rock band who won an AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) nomination for the Best Newcomer category in 2018 and Best Alternative Group in 2018, 2020, 2021 and 2022. Coming from Jakarta, they are growing and continue to be the talk since the first single was released.


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