Christabel Annora Yearns for A Savior on Single “Save The Day”

Christabel Annora‘s first solo work, “Save The Day,” was officially released in 2023. After being busy since the beginning of the year by releasing the official soundtrack for a popular Indonesian video game, creating illustrations on the side, performing live shows in various cities, and attending doctoral degree school, she found the time to finish and reveal this song that means a lot to her.

Christabel Annora experimented with this new work by incorporating a band format and arrangement. On her previous album, “Dari Jauh,” she emphasized piano as the foundation for the majority of her songs.

She collaborated with fellow musicians like Stefanus Adi Nugroho (drums), Octavianus Triangga (bass), and Bambang Iswanto (guitar) on this single to actualize her vision for this composition. She stated that this is her first song with a band format, and she is very nervous because it is unlike anything she has done previously.

Typically, her previous works were dominated by piano or with the addition of only one additional instrument. Despite living in different cities, these musicians were able to complete the entire project, albeit it took a little longer.

Through lyrics such as “You saved the day, (but you’ve) gone away for too long, but in time, oh I will find you…”, this song tells the story of a human who has lost a “savior” who has become her shelter while she is in need. The savior in this story was not always someone else, but could also be herself, who became lost in the midst of life’s events.

Kenny Hartanto, a Surabaya-based artist, created a visual artwork to accompany this melancholy song. This piece of art depicts an empty room with a door that opens from the inside. She went on to say that the artwork represents the person in the song on their way to finding what she’s looking for. Kenny also drew it with a pen, a drawing tool that is difficult or impossible to erase. “I interpret it as irreversible time, and the only way to move is forward.” 


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