Oneding Expresses His Sadness and Disappointment in “Lempar Batu Sembunyi Tangan”

Oneding does not remain silent in witnessing a human tragedy that befell his hometown, Malang. He uses the medium of music as a means to reclaim the listener’s attention in this case. ( Collaborating with THMSN (Tutus Thomson), Oneding released a new song with a sad tragedy as a background. “Lempar Batu Sembunyi Tangan” was created on the basis of a response to the Kanjuruhan tragedy occurring in Malang last year. 

This song is an expression of how the Kanjuruhan tragedy is a convoluted process, increasingly unclear and there was no justice for the victims of the Kanjuruhan tragedy. He presents “Lempar Batu Sembunyi Tangan”, a single of the Alternative Rock genre and full of meaningful lyrics that can be enjoyed by audio on various digital channels. Oneding hopes that this song can be a reminder and an encouragement to friends who are still fighting for justice. 

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Oneding is one of the musicians in Malang who is still actively working. He has released several singles and a full album entitled “Kontemplasi”. Apart from that, he is still actively involved in several bands (SATCF, Andjoeran Pengoeasa, and My Beautiful Life). 

On the other hand, THMSN is a one-man project by Tutus Thomson who wants to try something different from his comfort zone as a drummer. He provides a different color in the musical career of Tutus Thomson. He explores the emo rap scene with the theme of quarter life crisis, depression with a happy sad vibe.

“Lempar Batu Sembunyi Tangan”


Di bawah terik mentari

Diguyur hujan bertubi-tubi

Mereka tetap berdiri

Tak sadar raga tlah mati

Rasakan desakan kanan kiri

Berpeluh dan bercucur air mata 


Tolong kami tersakiti, kau bunuh teman kami!!

Kau tak punya hati nurani!!

Tolong kami tersakiti, kau bunuh teman kami!!

Mereka memuja dengan hati

Berakhir dengan tragedi

Lempar batu sembunyi tangan

Rasakan desakan kanan kiri

Berpeluh dan bercucur air mata

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