Aldrian Risjad Expresses Regret at the Age of 23 in “Bukan Puncak Dunia”

Aldrian Risjad released a song “Bukan Puncak Dunia”. This song expresses the regret of the soloist Aldrian Risjad about his efforts to chase dreams and success. As mentioned in Aldrian Risjad’s new song “Bukan Puncak Dunia,” success does not come easily.

Aldrian regrets that he has not given his dreams enough effort in the song “Bukan Puncak Dunia,” which is about this regret. Aldrian remarked that in the past, he depended too much on the momentum that someday he would become famous, when in reality, the momentum never arrived and needed to be pursued.

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This song is Aldrian Risjad’s regret at the age of 23 for relying on fate instead of pursuing it with all his might. Aldian is confident that the song with the lyrics he came up with in one night is his best creation. Aldian’s moral message in the song is to equal the scale of our efforts to the size of our dreams.

The single, which was produced under the Sun Eater label, still bears Aldrian Risjad’s musical character, 90s-style alternative rock. This time, Aldrian Risjad worked with musician and producer Enrico Octaviano, who is also the drummer for the band Lomba Sihir. Ahmad Ilyas on bass, Jordy Malonda on guitar, Dennis Ferdinand as vocal director, and Tiara Annisa on backing vocals all helped with the production of this song.


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