Andien Share Her Experience of Feeling Numb in “Mati Rasa”

Andien finally launched her new single entitled “Mati Rasa”. Through the song written by Andien and Nur Satriatama, she tries to tell about the experience of numbness in a love relationship. This latest single is also a continuation after the previous re-release in February 2023 of the album “Bisikan Hati”, which was previously released in 2000.

Through the single “Mati Rasa” with a cold and cutting song arrangement, Andien wants to open the experience of listening to music with a contemplation that a journey does not always start with things that inspire or make you happy. The feeling of numbness often becomes a turning point in a journey, if we are clear about what it means.

Andien feels that everyone must have been in a numb phase at some point in the journey of building a love relationship. Andien said that her experience of facing violence in a relationship more or less inspired this song. 

Through simple and straightforward lyrics, Andien wants the song “Mati Rasa” to tell a story for the song itself. There is no figurative language and Andien’s beautiful lyrics because there is nothing that can be romanticized in the feeling of numbness in a relationship. Andien also hopes that the unity of rhythm and lyrics of the song “Mati Rasa”, which was arranged by Agus Kristanto, can reinforce the message that Andien wants to convey through this song.

The music video for the song Mati Rasa, which was released on March 15, 2023, was directed by Shadtoto Prasetio, an artistic experimental director who also directed the music video of “Jendela Waktu”. Pras, Shadtoto Prasetio’s nickname, is the creative hand behind Andien’s virtual concert ‘Dan Lalu’ in 2022. The song “Mati Rasa” can be enjoyed on all digital streaming platforms.


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