Pempek Included in the Top Rated Seafood Dishes in the World by Taste Atlas

Pempek enters the top 10 most delicious seafood dishes around the world by Taste Atlas. It is one of the foods from Southeast Asia that is included in the list of the Taste Atlas. It gets a 4.7 star rating and is in the top 5 of the most delicious processed seafood in the world. 

Pempek is a typical Palembang food made from ground fish meat and tapioca. There are many types of pempek such as kapal selam, lenjer, kulit, adaan, keriting, and lenggang. It can also be served fried until crispy or steamed and then doused with cuko (traditional sweet and sour sauce).

Taste Atlas also tells about the origins of making pempek. At first, an old Palembang resident was bored with traditional grilled fish or fried fish. He also thought of a more innovative way of grinding the meat, mixing it with tapioca flour, then frying it. After that he started to introduce pempek by selling it around town to Palembang residents.

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Time by time, pempek has become a delicious traditional Indonesian snack typical of the Palembang region and much-loved by the public. It is usually served with special sides, namely slices of cucumber, noodles, or rice, and cuko which is usually served as a companion so that buyers can adjust it to their own tastes. (

Source: Taste Atlas


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