Pemkot Malang and Disporapar Kota Malang to Conduct “Festival Musik Patrol Modern” This Weekend

Malang City Government through the Department of Youth, Sport, and Tourism of Malang City (Disporapar Kota Malang) hold a “Festival Musik Patrol Modern” with various competitions and attractive prizes to welcome the month of Ramadan 1444 Hijriah as well as enliven the series of commemoration of the 109th anniversary of Malang City. This event will take place on March 18, 2023, at Simpang Balapan, Malang City.

One of the reasons this event conducts close to the month of Ramadan is from the background of the patrol music tradition, where there is a tradition of playing musical instruments around the village to wake people up for suhoor. Therefore, the Malang City Government conducts the “Festival Musik Patrol Modern” event, which is a patrol tradition music festival that combines traditional patrol musical instruments with modern musical instruments.

To bright up this event, a competition will be conducted with a total reward of IDR 9,000,000, -. Everyone who has a Malang City identity card (KTP) can participate in this competition. There are some rules and regulations that are important to note, including:

1.  Participants are required to have a Malang City domicile ID card and form a music group with a minimum of 5 members.

2.  Each group is a representative of the urban village by registering the group on behalf of the community or individual.

3.  All musical equipment needed is the responsibility of the participants so that all participants must bring their own musical instruments. Of course, musical instruments must be a mix of patrol music (drums, bamboo, etc.) and modern music (keyboards, drums, etc.).

4.  Performances must not involve motorized vehicles.

The criteria for the winner will be judged based on creativity, music arrangement, mastery of musical instruments, as well as teamwork including costumes and movements. There are 4 types of winners, which are 1st to 3rd place winners, and 3 category winners. ( The 1st place winner will get IDR 3,000,000, – reward, the 2nd place winner is IDR 2,500,000, – and the 3rd place winner will get IDR 2,000,000, -. Category winners will receive IDR 500.000, -.

Apart from the technical rules and regulations, general regulations were also announced that all must comply with, such as: they are obliged to have complete vaccines, prohibited from carrying sharp weapons, alcohol, and drugs, maintaining cleanliness, and many more as mentioned  on the @PemkotMalang social media. For more information regarding this event, you can check Malang City Government and Department of Youth, Sport, and Tourism of Malang City’s social media on Instagram (@pemkotmalang and @disporaparkotamalang) and Twitter (@PemkotMalang).

This competition is held for FREE, and you can register your patrol music group here.

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Source: Pemkot Malang and Disporapar Kota Malang’s Official Instagram


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