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3 East Java Tourist Spots You Might Think Are Only in Other Countries

A lot of people do want to travel abroad and make plans to do so. In fact, many domestic tourist spots are absolutely as cool as those abroad, even East Java has tourist spots that have similarities with tourist destinations abroad. Here are 3 East Java Tourist spots with a similar atmosphere abroad.

1. Baluran National Park is comparable to an African savanna

photo: Pesona Indonesia

Baluran National Park is the first East Java tourist destination with a similar environment overseas. A huge area of grassland can be found in Baluran National Park, which is located in Wonorejo Village, Kec. Banyuwangi, and Kab. Situbondo. Baluran, an East Java tourist resort with an ambience reminiscent of overseas, has earned the label Africa Van Java, or Little Africa. Baluran is an enormous savanna that is home to a variety of wild species, including bulls, deer, snakes, buffaloes, long-tailed monkeys, and magnificent birds.

2. Maron River in Pacitan, which resembles the Amazon River

photo: Indozone

The Maron River in Pacitan, East Java, is the next destination for those looking for a similar atmosphere abroad. This river is quite large and surrounded by dense vegetation. This location is known as the Indonesian Amazon River because of the surrounding greenery. This river is around 4.5 kilometers long. By using a boat that may be rented there, tourists can go along this river.

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3. Comparable to the Sagano Bamboo Forest in Japan, Hutan Bambu Keputih in Surabaya

photo: Pegipegi

Hutan Bambu Keputih’s beauty will immediately remind you of Japan’s Sagano Bamboo Forest. Surrounded by shady bamboo trees, you will feel the beautiful atmosphere when you start exploring this place, which is similar to places abroad. With four exploring routes, it is enough to help visitors relax in their heads while hunting for images.



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