Feel the Jodipan Village’s Bright Colors

Jodipan is a one-of-a-kind village because of its colorful houses along the Brantas River. The village is also known as Warna-Warni (colorful) and Tridi (3D) Village. (Alprazolam) Tourists feel at ease and excited when exploring the village because of its charm and uniqueness. Not to mention the opportunity to meet the friendly villagers and sample their local cuisine.

As previously stated, the main feature of Jodipan is the formation of colorful houses neatly organized near the famous Brantas River. The village is located in the Blimbing Sub-District and has been visited by many tourists over the years. In fact, it is recognized by foreigners and those seeking a new vacation experience. It’s a good thing Jodipan has evolved into a good and clean community. But it was only a slum in the past! Locals and some UMM college students had an idea to attract visitors to that area, so they decided to clean the environment and paint their houses with vibrant colors.

Jodipan, as a tourism village, has made significant contributions to Malang City and its surroundings in terms of tourism income. The majority of visitors are people who want to take selfies and do other fun things in that area. In fact, several organizations hold photography competitions on occasion. They are selecting the best photograph taken by tourists or by anyone who attends the event. Casual visitors enjoy photography as well, but they prefer to share their photos on social media.

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Jodipan Tourism Village’s location is strategic. The village is not only located alongside the Brantas River, but it is also located beneath a bridge. As a result, tourists can enjoy the village’s charm from afar (from the bridge). Despite its youthful appearance, Jodipan is one of Malang City’s oldest villages. That means the culture remains untouched, which is good news for tourists because they can enjoy it all while touring the site.

As previously stated, the Buk Gludhuk Bridge is an important feature of Jodipan Tourism Village. The villagers named it Gludhuk after the loud sound made by passing vehicles when crossing the bridge. Furthermore, it has become a popular tourist destination for taking photographs with the village in the background. 

source: Indonesia Tourism


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