Sutiaji Inaugurated the Management of the Abiyoso Gerontology Foundation to support the Elderly Forum

Drs. H. Sutiaji, Malang Mayor showed his support for the elderly forum by inaugurating the management of the Abiyoso Gerontology Foundation (Yayasan Gerontologi Abiyoso) for the 2023-2028 service period in the Malang City Hall Meeting Room, Wednesday (15/3/2023).

The Malang City Government gives extra attention to vulnerable groups, such as the elderly. The government intends to build parks that are kid-friendly, disabled-friendly, and elderly-friendly in 2023. They also intend to upgrade the facilities at integrated healthcare centers.

Sutiaji said that the Malang City government would facilitate from birth to old age because life expectancy and happiness would continue to be strengthened. The number of elderly people in Malang City also continues to increase, so it can be said that when the number of elderly people increases, life expectancy increases. If life expectancy increases, it means that the level of well-being and happiness also increases.

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Sutiaji also added that 5% of the APBD had been rolled out to the urban village which also covered the Karang Werdha. This year’s grants for the elderly, around 90 million, have begun to be distributed to other elderly forums such as Pepabri, LVRI, and others.

However, Ir. Sofyan Edi Jarwoko as Vice Mayor of Malang and also as Chair of the Malang City Regional Elderly Committee said that old age must be prepared. In the realization of the Malang city government projects, the government cannot move alone. It is very important to have support from community organizations.

Source: Pemkot Malang

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