Road To Grand Opening of Malang Creative Center, Vice Minister of Commerce Did A Visitation

Malang Creative Center (MCC) on Thursday, March 9, 2023, held a talk show to prepare for the Grand Opening of Malang Creative Center. The talk show was attended by creative economy actors, Small and Medium Enterprises, and startups formed in MCC. The theme of this talk show itself was “MCC as a New Power For Creative Economy In Indonesia”

Discussing the condition and the prospects of a creative economy in Indonesia, there were several prominent figures who acted as speakers at the event: Dr. Jerry Sambuarga (Indonesian Vice Minister of Commerce), Drs. H. Sutiaji (The Mayor of Malang City), and Vicky Arief H. (Creative Economy Committee)

In their speech, the speakers addressed several important points. Dr. Jerry Sambuaga said that the ministry will be focused on economic creative products, such as crafts, comics, games, and animation. The ministry also mentioned how Malang has potential in the gaming industry. While Drs. H. Sutiaji also will support the development of the creative economy in Malang via Malang Creative Center and hopes that MCC will act as the catalyst for the further development of the creative economy and create a recipient generation that will act as a contributor to push the nation even more.

The Creative Economy Committee also emphasizes the roles of Malang Creative Center in supporting the Creative initiative of Malang City. This movement is expected to be a solution through the gaps by using cross-community forums that collaborate with each other to empower one another. In addition to that, it is hoped that the MCC talk show will be used as well as possible in the future and that MCC could form an excellent generation that will advance the creative economy.


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