4 Best Horror Movies In 2023 For Horror Lovers

Horror’s already looking great in 2023. There are established masters doing some of their best work in years, undeniable new talents making waves with their first or second big features, and old franchises breaking records at the box office. With so many good horror movies out in just a few months, it’s already time to start listing the best of the best, and giving options for everyone from the scaredy-cats to the horror-curious. Here’s some horror movies recommendation in 2023 : 

Horror Movies In 2023: 

  1. SICK (2023)

The first horror movie is Sick. Sick is a movie that recreates the feeling of isolation we felt back when COVID-19 was at its scary phase. This movie was directed by one of the horror creators, John Hyams. It follows two college students who travel to a cabin in the woods at the start of the COVID outbreak, and encounter an unexpected guest.

  1. Knock at the Cabin (2023)

The second horror movie is Knock at the Cabin. Knock at the Cabin is the latest work of M. Night Shyamalan that centers around a family of three that are terrorized by a group of four heavily-armed kidnappers while vacationing in a remote cabin located in rural Pennsylvania. Based on Paul G. Tremblay’s 2018 novel The Cabin at the End of the World, the terror of Shyamalan’s film is not found in its moments of gore, which are bracing yet brief. It will leave you with questions about existence itself.

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  1. Skinamarink (2023)

The next horror movie is Skinamarink. Skinamarink is a movie that will either make its audience love it or hate it. This is a film with a specified audience in mind. However, Skinamarink’s narrative is confounding at times with its focus primarily on skewed off-center hallway shots, chasmic shadows, and flickering television screens beaming reflections of ghoulishly distorted cartoons. 

  1. The Outwaters (2023)

The last but not least horror movie is The Outwaters. The Outwaters is a found-footage movie about a group of friends who go missing while exploring the Mojave Desert. While most found footage is more about the horror you don’t see and the mysteriousness of the disappearances of the characters, The Outwaters prefers to keep its violence front and center, putting together what’s sure to be one of the gnarliest horror movies of the year with incredible-looking blood and guts. On top of that, the movie’s full of disconcerting images and creepy cosmic horror.

Source : Polygon, Rotten tomatoes

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