Raissa Ramadhani Show The Feelings of Letting Go in “Perlahan Lepaskanmu”

Raissa Ramadhani is back again with her second single “Perlahan Lepaskanmu”, which previously received a positive response when she released “Berpisah Lebih Indah” under Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. Related with the previous one, this single tells the story of parting. In this single composed by Clara Riva, it tells the story of someone who decides to part from her lover because she found someone who respects her more.

Moreover, the single “Perlahan Lepaskanmu” tells the story of a girl’s apology because she has found someone new who respects her more even though she still loves her boyfriend and hopes that he can change. However, she knows that her boyfriend will never be able to change to the way he used to be so she decides to keep going until she finds someone new who respects her more.

Raissa admits that she is happy to be working with Clara because she can discuss things with her. In fact, during the recording, Clara helped provide the background sound which made Raissa understand more about the meaning she wanted to tell and animate the song more.

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Raissa said that her choice of “Perlahan Lepaskanmu” as the second single was not without reason. She immediately fell in love with the melody and the lyrics reminded her of “Berpisah Lebih Indah”. Raissa also expressed her feelings that are in line with the song, after parting, she has to be able to move on to a new relationship even though it still hurts. In fact, there are feelings of guilt even though the previous relationship is over.

Assisted by Irvan Natadiningrat or Irvnat again, Raissa felt that there was a slight change in the vocal director section compared to her first single. Raissa was asked to sing more freely and boldly, as well as getting out of her comfort zone and experimenting with her voice.

Even though she had released her first single, the recording process for this second single still presented a challenge for Raissa. She said that it took about two months for this song to enter the studio. Another challenge she experienced during the workshop was having to find the right tempo and key to her voice.

Raissa expressed her hopes and dreams that are still ongoing. He still has a lot to achieve in this music industry. Even though she is relatively new, Raissa still has a lot of dreams to fulfill, such as having tens of millions of streams, holding tours, and even performing at big festivals. Raissa Ramadhani hopes that all of her dreams can come true.

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