Hindia Expresses Things He Concerned Through “Masalah Masa Depan”

Baskara Putra a.k.a Hindia is still continuing his journey towards his second album by releasing the song “Masalah Masa Depan”. The song is composed by Hindia with Enrico Octaviano as the producer. “Masalah Masa Depan” seems like a light song with a disco rhythm. However, if one looks at it more closely, there is a darker and more poignant story that is typical of Baskara’s lyrics for his various projects.

“This song is about despair in the face of various macro problems that will come, such as rising prices, environmental degradation and so on. So this is about the pressure that I get on a macro basis as part of my generation in seeing and responding to what is happening in this world,” he said.

The second album he made, Lagipula Hidup akan Berakhir, talks about things that are more common and happen to everyone. That is why the song “Masalah Masa Masa Depan” is the right choice to put in the album. This song is the second single on the album. The first song, “Janji Palsu” was released first on March 3, 2023.

The contrast colors between “Masalah Masa Depan” and “Janji Palsu” which are more rocky also illustrates that the album Lagipula Hidup akan Berakhir will be full of surprises.

Speaking of the first single, “Janji Palsu” received 100,000 streams on Spotify on its first day of release, with the music video racking up 64,000 views on YouTube. This proves the enthusiasm of the fans considering that this song is restricted to adult access. This also proves that his listeners are ready to accept his latest work without having to keep comparing it to his phenomenal debut album from 2019.

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With music that is relatively easy to enjoy and lyrics that are relevant to many people, it is very likely that “Masalah Masa Depan” will also receive positive responses. But for Hindia, that was not his main goal in creating. He said that he uses his songs as a process for him to know himself, know what he wants and needs. If there are benefits for others in any form, that’s a bonus. “Masalah Masa Depan” is now available on music digital platforms.

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