Hers Production In Collaboration With MAXstream Released Horror-Thriller ‘TULAH 6/13′

Hers Production in collaboration with MAXstream released ‘TULAH 6/13’, a hybrid psycho horror-thriller movie directed by Chiska Doppert. The movie stars Thomi Baraqbah, Erika Carlina, Omara Esteghlal, Carissa Perusset, and Michael Olindo. There were also Jefri Nichol, Wisnu Hardana, Astrid Tiar, Celine Evangelista, Jennifer Ipel, and Bubah Alfian as remarkable cameos. 

““TULAH 6/13” is a hybrid teen horror-thriller, so not only do we provide jumpscaring ghosts, but we also serve characters and plots that make the movie a complete horror movie,” said Rahul Mulani, one of the producers for this movie. Not only Rahul Mulani, this movie was also produced by a group of producers, such as Fadi Iskandar and Heera SKV.

The Vice President of Digital Lifestyle Telkomsel, Nirwana Lesmana said that Telkomsel will always support the movie industry in Indonesia in order to keep being relevant to every phase of life of Indonesian society. “TULAH 6/13” is part of Telkomsel’s commitment to open the opportunity for the development of our society by supporting high quality digital entertainment and boosting the creative industry in Indonesia. 

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“TULAH 6/13” is about Gilang who chose to go on vacation with Sarah and Kevin to celebrate his birthday. However, their plan to have fun was ruined because of the unwanted guests, from a mysterious old man to a terrifying child. They experienced a lot of terror until Gilang was separated from his friends and faced a terrorizing curse. 

About Telkomsel and MAXstream

Telkomsel is a leading digital telecommunications company that continues to open up more opportunities and possibilities by presenting developed digital connectivity, digital platforms and digital services, as well as prioritizing the use of technology for all levels of society throughout the country. Telkomsel has consistently carried out equal distribution of 4G mobile broadband networks and 5G development, as well as expanded a variety of innovative digital services and solutions

MAXstream is a platform from Telkomsel that broadcasts various content in the form of Video on Demand. MAXstream has been downloaded by 34 million subscribers and has active users of 10 million subscribers. The service can be accessed via website: Maxstream.tv, Tiktok: @MAXStream.tv, Instagram: @MAXStream.tv, YouTube: MAXstream TV, Twitter: @MAXStream.tv, and MAXstream application on Google Play & App Store.


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