Yacko and Tuan Tigabelas Try 4 Stages in the IM3 Collabonation To The World

Yacko and Tuan Tigabelas with DJ Domdom returned to Indonesia after about two weeks of adventure at IM3 Collabonation To The World, starting from the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, United States to Babel Music XP in Marseille, France.

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The common thread from their departure is about collaboration and the passion that accompanies them at every step, in line with what IM3 Collaboration To the World echoes, where collaboration can provide added value to the creative industry players in Indonesia. Their spirit of networking across countries is also the same mission as FLAVS, providing support to Yacko Tuan Tigabelas with DJ Domdom.

The journey starts from Tiger Den, the first point to be tested right before the main stage at SXSW. Taking place at Cheer Up Charlie’s, the showcase featured performers who all came from Asia. At this point, they carried out a promotional agenda in the form of distributing flyers to visitors right before they performed. They were able to get acquainted with fellow rappers from Ukraine to Korea as well as other cross-country creative industry players.

Meanwhile, for the second point on the Higher Ground, Yacko and Tuan Tigabelas stage with DJ Domdom were approached by a group of Indonesian community from Rumah Budaya Indonesia in Austin who provided their support. Yacko said that they even filled the front row of the stage. For Tuan Tigabelas, the journey at SXSW gave him several important lessons, from technical to presenting himself as musicians from Indonesia without having to pretend to be someone else.

Before finally moving to France, Yacko and Tuan Tigabelas with DJ Domdom had the opportunity to stop by in Amsterdam. In that city, they tried out an intimate stage at the Platypus Record Shop.

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