HalloMumu Is Grateful for Presence of Love in EP “Berlalu”

HalloMumu released her first mini album titled “Berlalu” on all digital music platforms. “Berlalu” contains 4 songs of the pop-ballad genre. With the release of her latest work, HalloMumu continues her musical journey in 2021. In ‘Berlalu’, HalloMumu sings a new story with a theme centered on an old love.

HalloMumu said that love provides countless inspirations for the songs she sings. The ballad “Bintang” from “Berlalu” became the lead single from the mini album. “The song ‘Bintang’ commemorates the image of someone who is like a “star”. This figure, although in the past often helped the owner of the previous story, actually only appears at night. So, like stars that just come and go, without actually settling down, the story owner finally realizes that their story will not have a happy ending. So, they let the ‘bintang’ go,” HalloMumu said.

Besides “Bintang”, this mini album also contains three other songs, namely “Still The Same”. “Sesungguhnya”, and “Grow Apart”. Apart from highlighting old love as the main theme of the mini album, HalloMumu said that the process of letting go is a phase that everyone needs to go through. Only after letting go can one gain inner peace.

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As “Still The Same” reveals, the song is about the protagonist’s unchanging feelings for their ex, whom they left behind. As for the third song “Sesungguhnya”, the protagonist has the opportunity to re-establish a love story. “Berlalu” ends with “Grow Apart”, a song that tells about love with differences in beliefs. This last song describes maturity, where everyone continues to grow, and must not be together.

The production process for the mini album “Berlalu” took 2 months. The mini album was released under the record label Nueve Records. The lyrics in “Berlalu” were written by Lufiasita and Jundi Pada. In the music arrangement department, Juan Mikha Prasetiyo, Ezra Abraham, and David “Souljah” wrote songs. Meanwhile, Andris Rahmat Hakim and David Erdy were in charge of the mixing and mastering process.

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