Dyah Novia Comes back With “Sandal  Jepit Abang” For the “Tilik the Series” Original Soundtrack

Dyah Novia joined MD Musik Indonesia on the WeTV Soundtrack “TILIK The Series” entitled “Sandal Jepit Abang”. “Sandal Jepit Abang” means red flip-flops that depict a female figure. As a dangdut genre, this song also has the meaning of mutual support between women. Dyah Novia who plays the role of Tari, one of the characters in the series that expresses a feminine soul. Reflecting on Siti Fauziah’s character, she is strong and passionate when she wants to run.

WeTV Original “TILIK The Series” is a series adapted from the Indonesian Javanese short film which went viral on YouTube in September 2018. Wahyu Agung Prasetyo, as the original director of WeTV “TILIK The Series”, continues to make contributions like the previous original films. The series tells the story of Bu Tejo (Siti Fauziah) who became the head of a village head election team to nominate her husband as a public official. Bu Tejo also faced a rather difficult situation during the campaign, and he had to find a way to fight for his vision. This must be done by Bu Tejo without having to sacrifice her identity as a leader, wife, mother, and part of the village community that she is proud of.

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‘Sandal Jepit Abang’ is already out on various digital streaming platforms. The Official Lyric Video is also out only on MD Music’s YouTube channel. The WeTV Original “TILIK The Series” aired on March 31, 2023, only on WeTV Indonesia. 

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