Chloe Leman Dedicates “White Roses” to Her Grandpa

Chloe Leman released “White Roses” independently, becoming the third single Chloe has released after “All I Wanted” and “Would You Stay”.

“White Roses” tells the story and memories of Chloe and her grandfather who recently passed away. In this song, she expresses her love for her grandfather. The process of recording this song was assisted by Madgroove Entertainment Sydney by Indonesian producer Ivan Edbert also assisted by Kevin Queency.

Chloe Leman expressed her hope in her new single that all listeners can be entertained by this song and can relate if they have ever lost someone they love. Chloe also hopes that this single can be enjoyed by all Indonesian and foreign people.

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You can now enjoy the third single from Chloe “White Roses” on various digital streaming services.

Chloe Leman, a singer born in Jakarta, decided to migrate to Australia. Chloe Leman decided to pursue her dream as a singer there because of her love for music. In various activities, Chloe always makes time to sing and is diligent in writing songs.

Since childhood, Chloe liked Folk and Jazz music, she was also inspired by famous artists such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, making Chloe worthy of being considered as a new singer in this country.


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