Prinsa Mandagie Releases New Single and Music Video Single Titled “Ternyata Berpisah Lebih Indah”

Prinsa Mandagie released ‘Ternyata Berpisah Lebih Indah’’, a song  that inspires people who are in toxic relationships to end the relationship. 

The music video for ‘Ternyata Berpisah Lebih Indah’ was produced by Prinsa in her hometown, Bandung. Carrying a concept full of messages, this music video presents 2 talents who are trying to ‘solve’ the problems they face in their relationship. “The beauty of a relationship in this video is portrayed by a horse and a man who keeps his horse well controlled. This is my depiction that a man should be a ‘controller’ who is trusted and can straighten out the situation if there is something that cannot be controlled,” Prinsa explained. 

“The car ride illustrates that in every relationship we often reflect on the how and why of it. The video also illustrates that men when facing problems usually tend to provide defense while the woman can only be silent and cry,” she continued.

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The music video was shot over one full day and starred Prinsa and Bhisma Mulia. In addition, the video has been assisted by several parties, including Prialangga as Director, Cici Aprilia as Producer, Fafa Didin as Executive Producer, and many others. 

“I’m very grateful because the message I want to convey in this song can be very well illustrated in the music video. Bhisma can portray how a man gets angry, yells, and then turns into a sweet figure, begging while crying just because he wants the woman to forgive his actions,” Prinsa said. 

Besides being grateful to be able to tell the story she wants to tell through the MV, Prinsa still hopes that this song can have a positive impact on everyone who listens to this song. In her view, parting doesn’t always mean the pain of letting go, because it can also be the beginning of hope, a chance to find the happiness we should find.

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