Jibs Expresses Desire That Is Impossible to Let Go in “Nobody Like You”

Jibs released a new song, “Nobody Like You” featuring Yanhe. Jibs, a rapper and vocalist based in the capital city of Jakarta, loves to combine hip-hop, pop, and R&B into melodic and alternative vibes.

Jibs is not only a rapper but also a songwriter who mixed factual, introspective rap, emotional lyrics, and crooning melody into his music to show the world what versatility means. Jibs regularly performs at a few small pubs and music festivals. (Prinsa Mandagie Releases New Single and Music Video Single Titled “Ternyata Berpisah Lebih Indah”

“Nobody Like You” describes a desire that is impossible to let go of, as if the world would come to a complete stop when gazing into those eyes. One of the lines in this song is “I think you are the only one I see in this world”. The song produced by JustDan also shows that the feeling of pursuing what you most desire in life is sometimes the only way to become the best version of yourself. The beat of this song, which is dramatic, slow, and groovy, is what distinguishes it from others.

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