Mantra Vutura “Kembali” to the Harmony of Spirit and Body

Mantra Vutura wants to answer the meaning of returning with their latest project entitled “Kembali”. Continuing their previous works in collaboration with folk-pop musician Raissa Anggiani in “Tabir” and “aMakna”, “Kembali” continues Mantra Vutura’s spiritual contemplation of the harmonious dynamics between spirit (faith) and body (love). However, on this occasion, Mantra Vutura takes a narrative vortex that should be more expansive.

Written by Mantra Vutura and produced by Enrico Octaviano, the song features simulated percussion and vocal distortions that sound like they are screaming from the corner of their soul. The electronic musical experimentation that has been Mantra Vutura’s trademark since their debut album Solar Labyrinth in 2017 now has a thicker and more anthemic pop melody, especially when “Kembali” reaches a crescendo: “Sampai jumpa kembali, kepada-Mu / Apa yang akan kau tanya / Selama jauh berpisah / Apa yang kau tanya / Selama jauh berpisah / Kepada-Mu”

Mantra Vutura, which consists of Tristan Juliano and Zakari Danubrata, revealed that “Kembali” will be the closing song of their new album that will come out in 2023. Moreover, “Kembali” was inspired by Surah Al-Baqarah Ayat 285 (2:285 Quran), which quotes “Kembali kepada-Nya menjadi akhir dari segala perjalanan“. Regardless, Mantra Vutura brings the true meaning of its latest song to the ears and hearts of its listeners.

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“The song ‘Kembali’ can be interpreted as either we return our faith to the Almighty or we return to the arms and embrace of those who love us,” explains Mantra Vutura, who received an Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI Awards) nomination in 2022 for best progressive production work. “For this song, we will not impose a specific meaning. In the end, everyone is free to interpret what ‘back’ means in their life journey.”

“Kembali” is also a bold creative move for them. Rather than the complex and temperamental left-wing electronic productions, “Kembali” takes them into a more mid-current sonic atmosphere with Zakari Danubrata’s grander-than-usual vocal production.  Plus, it can be said that “Kembali” is the first time they have worked on something that can be categorized as an “uplifting anthem”. 

“We deliberately wanted to create a piece that is sing-along in nature, maybe more pop, and exudes the colors of arena rock and post-rock,” continues Mantra Vutura. “This time, our main priority was not to experiment or try to surprise anyone. We wanted to bring something pure, but also universal. The word ‘Kembali’ is very powerful in the hearts of many people.” 

With the release of “Kembali”, Mantra Vtura’s loyal fans are eagerly waiting for the electronic duo’s latest album to come out in 2023. Mantra Vutura also indicates that “Tabir”, “aMakna” and “Kembali” will eventually become punch pieces that will form a complete picture when listeners later listen to the entire album. 

“Kembali” by Mantra Vutura is released under the Sun Eater label and can be heard on all digital streaming platforms (DSPs) such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Resso. 

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