Aqeela Calista Tells Story About Being a Matchmaker With “Mak Comblang”

Aqeela Calista is back with her latest single ‘Mak Comblang’ which is a remake of the legendary band in the 90s, Potret. In this latest release, she is back in collaboration with Pika Iskandar and Loop Music as producers for the song. Because ‘Mak Comblang’ is Aqeela and Pika Iskandar’s favorite song, this song was finally chosen as a dedication to their favorite musician.

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‘Mak Comblang’ tells the story of a person who is assigned to be the Matchmaker for their best friend, but instead falls in love with the matchmaker. Aqeela Calista’s sweet yet powerful voice fits perfectly with the feel of the song and the lyrics of the song. In addition, Aqeela’s youthful character makes this remake song even more fun for the public to hear. This time, ‘Mak Comblang’ is arranged in a more modern way and adapted to today’s times

There is one unique thing that Aqeela experienced in the recording session. On the previous few singles, she always recorded at night in between busy shooting times. This time, for the first time, Aqeela recorded in the morning before starting shooting activities and it was something new for her.

In the process of recording ‘Mak Comblang’, there were certainly challenges faced by Aqeela, namely she was the first to perform a remake song with an arrangement that was quite different from the original version. However, with the help of Nurul Rahayu Purnamasari or who is familiarly called Kak Ayu as the Vocal Director, and Pika Iskandar as the producer, Aqeela was able to go through all the challenges in the recording process of ‘Mak Comblang’ so that it could run smoothly.

Not only the song, ‘Mak Comblang’  is also equipped with an interesting visualization. Still the same as the music video for the Potret’s version of ‘Mak Comblang’, Aqeela Calista’s version of the ‘Mak Comblang’ video also tells the story of a woman who failed to become a Matchmaker because she instead fell in love with the man her best friend was going to match. This beautiful visualization by the Symbion Production House was uploaded on the Youtube channel ‘Loop Music’ . 

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